Definition of stop:

part of speech: noun

Cessation, as of progress, motion, operation, or action; obstruction; hindrance; impediment; obstacle; one of the vent- holes of a musical wind instr., by the opening or closing of which musical sounds may be regulated and modified, as an organ- stop; the place in a stringed instr. pressed on for the production of a musical sound; a point or mark in writing to distinguish a sentence or part of a sentence, and show the pauses in reading.

part of speech: verb

To hinder; to impede or interrupt; to suppress; to render impassable; to close, as an aperture; to regulate the sounds of, as a musical instr., with the fingers; to cease from going forward, or from any course of action; to leave off, as from work.

Usage examples:

  • Father- now don't stop me, dear. William Allen White in "In the Heart of a Fool".
  • Can't you make him stop Laura Lee Hope in "Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue".
  • She did not stop Mary E. Bamford in "Out of the Triangle".
  • I can't stop them, but I don't want you to get in trouble. Henry Hubert Knibbs in "Sundown Slim".

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