Definition of light:

part of speech: adjective

Not dark or obscure; bright; clear.

part of speech: verb

To descend from a horse or carriage; to settle; to stoop from flight; to fall in a particular direction; to fall; to strike on.

part of speech: adjective

Easy to be lifted or carried; not difficult; easy to be borne; active; nimble; swift; not dense or heavy; not grave or serious; loose; not chaste.

part of speech: noun

The agent or medium by which objects are rendered visible to the eye; day; anything which gives light; a candle; a lamp; knowledge; means of knowing; explanation; aspect; point to which the view may be directed; existence; time of prosperity; in painting, the illuminated part of a picture, as opposed to shade.

part of speech: verb

To set on fire; to kindle or ignite.

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