Definition of cut:

part of speech: past tense, past participle

Divided; pierced; deeply affected: to cut a figure, to show off conspicuously: to cut a joke, to be witty and sociable: to cut down, to reduce; to retrench; to fell, as timber: to cut off, to separate; to destroy; to intercept: to cut up, to divide into pieces: to be cut up, applied to an army in the field that has lost many men in killed and wounded: to cut out, to remove a part; to shape: to cut out a ship, to enter a harbour and seize and carry off a ship by a sudden attack: to cut short, to abridge: to cut one's acquaintance, to refuse or avoid recognising him when meeting or passing each other: to cut a knot, to effect anything by short and strong measures: to cut the cards, to divide a pack into two portions: to cut and dry, or dried, prepared for use: to cut in, to divide; to join in anything suddenly: to draw cuts, to draw lots by means of straws or pieces of paper, & c., cut in pieces of different lengths and held between the forefinger and thumb.

part of speech: noun

A stroke or blow with a sharp instrument; a cleft; a notch; a gash; a channel or ditch made by digging or cutting; a part cut off; a carving or engraving, likewise the print from it; form; shape; fashion.

part of speech: verb

To separate by a cutting instrument; to divide; to sever; to hew, as timber; to penetrate or pierce; to affect deeply; to intersect or cross; to intercept.

part of speech: adjective

Divided; carved; intersected.

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