Definition of off:

part of speech: preposition

Not on;, int. Away; begone; among seamen, abreast of or near; be off, away; depart; from off, denoting removal; ill off or badly off, having fared ill; in a state of poverty; off and on, at one time anxious, at another careless, about anything; off- hand, without preparation or hesitation; without respect; of late, recently; of old, formerly; in time long past; to be off, to depart; to recede from an intended contract or design; to come off, to escape; to fare in the event; to happen, as the race came off; to get off, to alight; to come down; to make escape; to go off, to depart; to desert; to take fire and be discharged, as a gun; to take off, to take away; to mimic; well off, having fared well; in good circumstances.

part of speech: adverb

From; away; not towards; denoting the action of removing or separating, as to cut off.

part of speech: adjective

Denoting distance; in driving, applied to the right- hand side.

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