Definition of stand:

part of speech: verb

To be in an upright position, as on the feet; to be erect; to become erect; to be placed or situated; to depend; to rest; to stop; to halt; to continue; to remain; to endure; to insist; to maintain one's ground; not to fail; not to yield or fly; to offer one's self as a candidate; to place one's self; to stagnate.

part of speech: noun

A point beyond which a person does not, or cannot, proceed; a place in which to remain for any particular purpose; a station; a difficulty or perplexity; a stop; a halt; that on which a thing rests or is laid; a building or scaffolding placed to command a view, as of a procession or horse- race; a state of cessation from action or business.

Usage examples:

  • They stand and listen. St. George Rathborne in "Miss Caprice".
  • I can't stand it; I can't indeed. Hugh Walpole in "The Captives".
  • Well, where do you stand Thomas W. Lawson in "Friday, the Thirteenth".
  • Don't stand there looking up at me! Amy Brooks in "Dorothy Dainty at Glenmore".

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