Definition of point:

part of speech: verb

To bring to a sharp end; to direct towards; to aim; to show by way of example; to mark with characters in order to indicate certain distinctions; to distinguish by stops or points by way of punctuation; to fill the joints with mortar and smooth them with a trowel, as a stone wall; to direct attention to an object by the finger; to indicate, as dogs do to sportsmen.

part of speech: noun

The sharp end of any instrument or body; anything resembling a point; the sting of an epigram; a small cape or headland; a turn of thought or expression that strikes with agreeable surprise; in geom., that which has position but no magnitude; a moment; a small space; punctilio; nicety; place or time near; critical moment; eve or verge, as of death; position; state; dot, mark, or spot; direction of view, or part viewed; particular mark or aim; particular mode or parts; instance; example; single part; part of a whole; single position; the main question; lace wrought with the needle, as point- lace; a division of the mariner's compass.

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