Definition of pass:

part of speech: verb

To cause to move onward; to move or proceed from one place, state, & c., to another; to go; to live through; to utter or pronounce, as an opinion; to neglect or omit; to enact or be enacted; to go through the necessary stages and receive sanction, as a bill in Parliament; to determine finally; to thrust, as in fencing; to undergo; to be at an end; to go beyond; to go through; to be generally received; to run or extend; to vanish; to circulate, as to pass bad money; to admit or allow, as to pass the accounts.

part of speech: noun

A narrow passage or entrance; permission or licence; an order by which vagrants or paupers are sent to their native place; a free journey- ticket on a railway; an unpaid admission to a place of amusement; a push or thrust in fencing; state or condition.

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