Definition of over:

part of speech: adjective

Prefix, meaning above; beyond; too much; to excess. Note.- Over, as a prefix, is not usually separated by a hyphen; the words with the prefix over, keeping in mind the sense of the prefix, are mostly self- explanatory, accordingly, it has not been thought necessary to enter every possible compound having the prefix over, though it is hoped that no one in common use has been omitted.

part of speech: adverb

More than the quantity; beyond a limit; from one to another; from a country beyond the sea; on the surface; past, as the winter is over; completely; in a great degree, as over- difficult.

part of speech: preposition

Above; opposed to below; above in authority; across, as he leapt over the brook; through or diffusely, as all the world over; covering or immersing; often contracted into oer.

part of speech: adjective

Upper; beyond.

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