Definition of bill:

part of speech: verb

To caress as doves joining bills; to be fond.

part of speech: noun

An account for goods; a printed advertisement; in law, a declaration in writing of some fault or wrong; a written promise to pay money in a certain time; a form or draft of a proposed law before parliament; a written list of particulars in law, in commerce, or in other social usages : bill of exchange, a written order on a person in a distant place requesting him to pay money to another- the person who draws the bill is called the drawer, the person requested to pay the money the drawee, the person to whom the money is payable is called the payee : bill of fare, in a hotel, a list of articles ready for food : bill of entry, in com., a written account of goods entered at the custom- house : bill of lading, a written account of goods shipped by a person on board an outward- bound vessel, and signed by the master or captain : bill of health, a certificate of the health of a ship's crew : bill of mortality, an official return of deaths in any place : bill of rights, a summary or list of the rights and privileges claimed by a people : bill of sale, a written inventory or list given by the seller of personal property to the purchaser : bill of exceptions, a written statement of errors in law tendered to the presiding judge before a verdict is given : bill in chancery, a written statement put in or filed in the Court of Chancery : true bill, an attested written statement by a grand jury of sufficient evidence against a prisoner to warrant a trial : bill chamber, in Scot., a particular department of the Court of Session for dealing with certain written documents : bill of suspension, in Scot., a written application or appeal from a lower to a higher court, to prevent execution of a sentence in a criminal trial : bill of divorce, in the Jewish law, a certain form of writing given by a husband to a wife by which his marriage with her was dissolved : bill- sticker, One who posts placards, & c.

part of speech: noun

An instrument for hewing; an anc. military weapon; a hooked instrument for cutting hedges, pruning, & c.; the beak of a fowl or bird.

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