Definition of let:

part of speech: verb

To impede; to obstruct; to hinder- in this sense used as a noun, in the phrase, " without let or hindrance".

part of speech: past tense, past participle

To let alone, to suffer to remain; to let be, to leave off; to discontinue; to let go; to let blood, to free it from its confinement; to suffer it to flow out of the vein; to let down, to lower; to permit to sink; to let drive or fly, to send forth or discharge with violence, as a stone; to let in, to allow to enter; to insert, as a piece of wood; to let into, to give admission; to make acquainted with; to let loose, to free from restraint; to let off, to discharge, as an arrow or gun; to release, as from an engagement; to suffer to escape; to let on, in Scot., to seem to observe anything; to mention a thing; to let out, to suffer to escape; to give to hire or farm.

part of speech: verb

To allow, suffer, or permit; to grant to a tenant; to put to hire; to give power or leave to; to leave.

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