Definition of well:

part of speech: adverb

In a choice or desirable manner; justly; rightly; skilfully; very much; to a sufficient degree; perfectly; a word expressing satisfaction, or merely expletive,- as, " well, well, be it so"-" well, let us go"; as well as.

part of speech: verb

To pour forth, as from a spring; to issue forth, as water.

part of speech: noun

A fountain of water; a deep narrow pit dug in the earth for the purpose of retaining spring or other water; an enclosure around the bottom of a ship's pumps; an enclosed space in a fishing- boat for keeping fish alive; in arch., the space in which winding stairs are placed; a deep excavation for military purposes.

part of speech: adjective

Being in a state of health; fortunate; advantageous; recovered from a sickness.

part of speech: conjunction

Together with.

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