Definition of sound:

part of speech: adverb

Soundly; heartily.

part of speech: verb

To make a noise; to utter audibly; to play on; to celebrate or extol.

part of speech: noun

In surg., a probe or other instr. used to examine the bladder or a wound.

part of speech: noun

A narrow passage of water which may be crossed by swimming, or whose depth may be ascertained; a narrow arm of the sea.

part of speech: adjective

Healthy; not diseased; strong; healthy in mind; unbroken; not defective; not decayed; unhurt; correct; free from error; orthodox; not enfeebled.

part of speech: noun

Anything perceptible to the ear; that which strikes the ear; noise; report; noise without significance.

part of speech: verb

To try, as the depth of water and the quality of the bottom, by sinking a plummet attached to a line; to use the line and lead to ascertain the depth of water; to try; to examine; to discover or endeavour to discover, as one's thoughts or opinions.

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