Definition of strike:

part of speech: noun

A measure; a flat piece of wood for levelling grain heaped in the measure; a cessation from work for higher wages, or on account of some grievance, by workmen; in geol., the direction or line of outcrop of any stratum, which is always at right angles to its dip.

part of speech: verb

To give a blow to; to hit with some force; to make an attack; to act upon in any way, as by a blow; to dash; to act on by beating against; to notify by sound; to sound, as a bell; to coin or mint; to lower or take down, as a sail or flag; to ratify, as a bargain; to alarm; to surprise; to affect suddenly in any particular manner; to refrain from work in a body, as workmen for the redress of some grievance, or for the increase of wages.

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