Definition of set:

part of speech: verb

To put or place into any condition or state; to put, place, or fix; to cause to rest in a standing posture; to regulate or adjust, as a timepiece; to adapt to music, as words; to spread, as sails; to fix in metal; to bring to a fine edge, as a razor; to sink below the horizon, as the sun; to be fixed; to change fluidity for firmness; to plant; to begin a journey- always with out.

part of speech: noun

A number or collection of things of the same kind, or of a similar form, intended to be used together; a number of things united in the formation of a whole; a complete assortment; a number of persons usually or officially united; a clique; a lot; a young plant for putting into the soil for growth; the descent of a heavenly body below the horizon.

part of speech: adjective

Regular; formal; determined; obstinate; established or fixed.

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