Definition of servant:

part of speech: noun

A person employed by another for labour, and to be at his command; to serve in, to belong to and do duty in, as in the army or navy; to serve one out, to retaliate upon; to requite; to serve one's self, to act as one's own servant; to take or use without help; to avail one's self of; to serve out, to distribute in portions; to serve up, to place on the table, as dressed food; to serve a writ or summons, to read it to the defendant, or more usually, to leave an attested copy at his residence; to serve a warrant, to show or read it to the person against whom it is issued, and to seize his person; to serve an execution, to seize or take possession of lands, goods, or person, according as the law requires in the case; to serve an office, to discharge the duties of a public office; time- server, one who regulates his actions by the requirements of the times instead of by duty; one who meanly complies; a servant of servants, one debased to the lowest condition of servitude; your humble servant, your obedient servant, & c., conventional phrases of civility at the close of a letter, coming immediately before the signature.

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