Definition of right:

part of speech: adverb

According to the standard of truth and justice; according to fact and truth; directly; in a direct line; very; thoroughly, as right valiant; int. an expression of approval.

part of speech: noun

Not the wrong; perfect standard of truth and justice; justice; freedom from error; legal title; just claim; that which justly belongs to one; privilege.

part of speech: adjective

Straight; not crooked; direct; true; not wrong; according to the standard of truth or of moral rectitude, or to the will of God; not erroneous or wrong; fit; proper; well performed; applied to one of the hands which it is most convenient or right to make use of, or which is naturally used in preference to the other, from some inherent physical power in itself- see left; on the right hand, as a leg or a part; applied to the side or bank of a river on the right hand when looking towards its mouth; denoting an angle of 90ยบ; denoting the side of cloth designed to appear externally.

part of speech: verb

To relieve from wrong; to do justice to; to restore to its upright position, as a ship.

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