Definition of post:

part of speech: verb

A common prefix, signifying behind; after; afterwards; subsequent.

part of speech: verb

To travel with speed, as by relays of horses; to send with speed; to place; to station; to fix; to assign; to advertise by putting a placard on a wall or a post; to place letters in the post- office; in book- keeping, to carry the entries from other books to the ledger.

part of speech: noun

A piece of timber placed upright, generally as a support for something else; a station for soldiers; a place or situation; the station of duty; employment; a messenger who carries letters regularly from place to place; a quick or speedy manner of travelling; the mail; a size of printing and writing paper; a miner's or quarryman's term for any compact stratum of sandstone or lime- stone.

part of speech: adverb

In haste; hastily.

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