Definition of lay:

part of speech: adjective

Not- clerical; pert. to the people as distinguished from the clergy.

part of speech: past tense

Did lie.

part of speech: noun

Land under grass; grass or meadow- land.

part of speech: verb

Of the verb lie, often confounded with the verb lay; it is improper, for example, to say, " He lays in bed too long;" it should be, " He lies in bed too long;" see lie.

part of speech: noun

The old spelling of lea, which see.

part of speech: verb

To put or place; to extend, as on the ground; to still; to keep from rising; to impute; to wager; to fix deep; to produce, as eggs; among seamen, to take a position; to come or go, as to lay forward.

part of speech: noun

A song; a poem in a simple style; a metrical tale.

part of speech: noun

That which lies or is laid; a stratum; a layer.

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