Definition of laid:

part of speech: past tense, past participle

Did lay; to lay about, to strike or throw the arms on all sides; to lay along, to prostrate; to lay apart, to put away; to reject; to lay aside, to put off or away; to discontinue; to lay at, to endeavour to strike at; to lay away, to deposit in store; to lay aside for safe keeping; to lay bare, to make bare; to expose completely to view; to lay before, to present to view; to show; to lay by, to put carefully aside for future use; to lay damages, to express the amount in money value; to lay down, to give as a pledge or satisfaction; to resign; to relinquish; to surrender; to offer or advance; to lay heads together, to compare opinions; to deliberate; to lay hold of or on, to seize; to catch; to lay in, to store; to lay on, to strike; to apply with force; to add to, as expenses; to lay one's self down, to retire to rest; to commit to repose; to lay one's self out, to exert one's self earnestly; to lay open, to make bare; to uncover; to lay over, to spread over; to lay out, to expend; to dispose the several parts in order, as a garden; to dress in grave- clothes, as a corpse; to lay siege to, to surround with troops; to address one's self to a thing pertinaciously; to lay to, to charge upon; to impute; to check the motion of a ship, so as to cause her to become stationary, or nearly so; to lay together, to collect; to bring into one view; to lay to heart, to allow to affect greatly; to feel deeply; to lay up, to store; to put carefully aside for future use; to confine to one's bed or room; to lay upon, to wager upon; to lay wait for, to lie in ambush for; to be prepared to fall upon and attack suddenly; to lay waste, to destroy; to desolate.

part of speech: past participle

Of lay, which see.

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To deny; to disown; to reject; the opposite of own or acknowledge. ...