Definition of charge:

part of speech: verb

To rush on; to attack; to load, as a gun; to lay on, as a tax; to intrust to; to set down to, as a debt; to blame; to censure; to accuse; to command, exhort, or enjoin; to give directions to, as a judge to a jury, or a bishop to his clergy; to fill with the electrical fluid.

part of speech: noun

That which is laid or imposed on; the quantity of powder and shot or balls necessary to load a gun or cannon; an onset or attack, as on an enemy in battle; any person, thing, or business intrusted or delivered over to another; a trust; exhortation or instructions by a judge to a jury, or by a bishop to his clergy; a solemn direction or command; accusation or imputation; the transactions that constitute a debt; cost; expense; rent or tax on property; the quantity of electricity sent into a coated jar.

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