Definition of cast:

part of speech: past tense, past participle

To cast aside, to dismiss or reject; to cast away, to reject; to lavish; to cast down, to deject or depress; to cast forth, to throw out; to exhale; to cast off, to discard, or to put away; to cast out, to reject; to throw or turn out; to cast up, to compute; to reckon; to eject or vomit; to cast on, to put or place on, as loops of worsted on wires; to cast one's self on, to resign or yield to the disposal of, without reserve; to cast in the teeth, to upbraid; to blame for; to cast in one's lot with any one, to take the chance; to share the fortune; last- cast, all ventured on one effort.

part of speech: noun

A throw; the distance passed by a thing thrown; a glance or a turn of the eye; chance or hazard; a form or shape; a tinge; manner; whatever is run into a mould.

part of speech: verb

To throw or fling; to sow seed; to reject; to reckon; to contrive or plan; to mould or shape, to ponder or weigh, as in the mind.

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