Definition of stock:

part of speech: noun

Money or goods employed in trade, manufacturing, banking, & c.; the beasts, & c., on a farm; supply provided; quantity on hand; store or accumulation from which supplies may be obtained.

part of speech: noun

The money collectively lent by individuals to a government; the public funds, being, as it were, receptacles opened by the state into which the contributions of the public might be poured, as into the charity- trunks in churches; government scrip; a wooden frame into the openings of which the legs of a person may be stocked or set fast, formerly used as a temporary punishment for petty crimes and misdemeanours; certain flowers having stems or stalks; the timbers on which a ship rests while building.

part of speech: verb

To store; to supply; to fill sufficiently.

part of speech: noun

The stem or trunk of a tree or plant; the stem or branch in which a graft is inserted; anything fixed or set; a post; a log; a piece of solid wood forming the sustaining part, as of an anchor or a firearm; the handle of anything; a stupid senseless person; the original progenitor; the race or line of a family; a stiff band used as a tie for the neck.

part of speech: adjective

Serviceable for constant use or application; permanent; standing.

Usage examples:

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