Definition of square:

part of speech: verb

To form with four equal sides and four right angles; to reduce to a given standard; to adjust or regulate; to balance; to make even; to multiply into itself, as a number; to suit; to determine the exact contents of in square measure, as the area of a circle; to take up the attitude of a boxer.

part of speech: noun

A figure having four equal sides and four right angles; a space of ground having four straight sides, with houses fronting inwards erected on at least three sides; the product of a number multiplied by itself; an instr. for drawing straight lines and tracing right angles; a body of troops in the form of a square; level; regularity; rule; conformity.

part of speech: adjective

Having four equal sides and four right angles; forming a right angle; having a straight front; not curved or round; fitting; that does equal justice; suitable; even; not leaving a balance; stout; well set; right or honest, as on the square, square- dealing.

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