Definition of shock:

part of speech: noun

A pile of sheaves of wheat, oats, & c., set up on end in the harvest- field.

part of speech: verb

To cause surprise or offence; to strike with horror or disgust; to offend highly; to cause to recoil, as from something disgusting or horrible.

part of speech: noun

A violent collision or onset; the concussion which it occasions; violence to the feelings; that which surprises or offends; impression of disgust; the sudden effect produced by the passage of electricity through an animal body.

part of speech: noun

A dog with long hair or shag, also called a shock- dog; a thick mass of short hair.

Usage examples:

  • G. J. had a shock Arnold E. Bennett in "The Pretty Lady".
  • I cannot tell you the shock it was to me. A. Maynard Barbour in "At the Time Appointed".
  • Lord Senesin said: " I know it's a shock coming this way. Gordon Randall Garrett in "The Unnecessary Man".
  • I could tell you a few stories about that that might shock you. Thomas Hoover in "The Moghul".

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