Definition of roll:

part of speech: noun

Act of rolling; the state of being rolled; the thing rolling; a mass made round; a writing or paper rolled rolled upon itself; a volume; a public writing; aregister or catalogue; anything wound into a cylindrical form; a twist of tobacco; a small piece of baked bread.

part of speech: verb

To move by turning over and over; to move round, as a wheel; to revolve; to cause to revolve; to involve; to form or be formed into around mass; to wrap round upon itself; to sprad or flatten by means of a roller or cylinder; to drive with acircular motion, or forward, as in a stream; to perform a periodical revolution; to move, as waves; to sound as a drum, the strokes producing a continuation of sounds; to be tossed about, or to move from side to side, on rough water, as a sihp; to run on wheels; to move tumultuously.

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