Definition of quarter:

part of speech: verb

To divide into four equal parts; to separate into parts; in mil., to station for lodgings; to have a temporary residence.

part of speech: plural

Military stations; lodgings or residence; in R. N., the stations or places assigned on duty or in action; in building, those slight upright pieces of timber placed between the puncheons and posts used to lath upon.

part of speech: noun

The fourth part of anything; a weight of 28 lb. avoirdupois; a measure of capacity of 8 bushels; a point of the compass; a region; a territory; a particular portion or district of a town, city, & c.; proper station; in mil., mercy granted by a conqueror to his enemy; a part or side of a thing; the part of the side of a shoe from the heel to the vamp; the part of a ship's side lying towards the stern; the fourth part of the year; one limb of a quadruped with adjacent parts.

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