Definition of head:

part of speech: verb

To act as a leader to; to fit or furnish with a head; to top off; to form a head; to go in front of; to oppose; to restrain.

part of speech: noun

The uppermost part of the body containing the face, & c.; a chief person; the chief or principal part of anything; a leader; understanding or mind; a title or heading; source of a stream; the top part; the forepart, as of a ship; chief place, as head of affairs; division of a discourse; crisis or height, as to bring or come to a head.

part of speech: adjective

Chief; principal.

Usage examples:

  • The man's talk had gone to his head Richard Aumerle Maher in "The Shepherd of the North".
  • He held his head high and looked off as he spoke. Payne Erskine in "The Eye of Dread".
  • Head for the cove. Charles Weathers Bump in "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories".
  • Is my head right? Payne Erskine in "The Eye of Dread".

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