Definition of grain:

part of speech: noun

Direction of the fibres of wood; the wood as modified by the fibres; the form or direction of the constituent particles of a body; the temper or disposition: grains, an instr. with barbed prongs, used at sea for spearing fish: against the grain, against the direction of the fibres: to go against the grain, to be repugnant to; to cause trouble or mortification to: to dye in grain, to dye in the raw material; to dye firmly: the grain- side of leather, that side of the tanned or dressed hide on which the hair grew. Note.- The three preceding entries are necessarily connected, but it was judged more convenient to make each one begin a separate paragraph, chiefly with the view of exhibiting the derivations with greater distinctness.

part of speech: verb

To form into grains, as powder.

part of speech: noun

Any small hard mass; a single seed; corn in general; any minute particle; the smallest weight, so named because supposed of equal weight with a grain of corn; the unit of the English system of weights.

part of speech: verb

To paint or ornament in imitation of wood.

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